Broadcast desktop zone

HD Wave DeskShare allows you the possibility to share your desktop:



Click on Desktop Zone button and select the area of your desktop that you want to share – you can select the area by holding down the left mouse click and moving the mouse html file 다운로드.


Note: You are able to share only the desktop from your primary monitor.


1 Romantic Doctor. Choose your desktop device.

2. Set your desktop input size. You can manually change the preset values survey.

3. Choose the encoder, which is the format of your video – H.264 is a next-generation video compression format music on your phone.

4. Open the advanced encoding settings.

5. Set your desktop frame rate – how many video frames you want to see per second DPP.

6. Set the bit rate – the higher the bit rate is – the better the video quality is. You need a strong internet connection if you want a high bit rate Can I loveing.


If you want to re-size the selected area just drag the horizontal or vertical line:



After you have selected the desired area click on Start Broadcast button Download burp suite pro. Now you are broadcasting the selected area of your desktop:


You can move the broadcast area on your monitor 필기체 폰트 다운로드.

To stop the broadcast just click Stop Broadcast button.