Run HD Wave DeskShare

Note: in order to run HD Wave DeskShare you must have a Windows administrator account type on the PC. You can change the Windows account type from Control Panel – User Account.

A. Log In

When you launch the HD Wave DeskShare application you will be asked to login (using your credentials):


1. Enter in this field your registered username.

2. Enter in this field your password.

Note: In order to use The HD Wave your account password cannot contain non-alphanumeric symbols, such as: recovery images for surface! , @ , # , $ , % , ^ , & , * , ( , ).

3. Check this box if you want the application to remember your username and password.

4. If you have forgotten your password, click this link to have re-send your credentials to your registered email address.

5. Click here to log into the application Download the atheros driver.


B. General Presentation

Note: in order to enable your video source, it’s mandatory to check the send video box (no.10 in picture below).


1. On the left header part you will see General Settings. If you press the button a pop up window will appear.

2 music from the iPhone. On the left header part you will see Audio Settings. They are already preset for you to operate the application in the most efficient way possible.

3. Click here to view details about the HD Wave DeskShare application. A pop up window will be displayed with details about the application version, as the example you can see in the following picture:


4. In the right part of the header you can see the log out box, which you can click when you leave the application.

5 델파이 http 다운로드. Here you can see your video feed.

6. Here you can see the volume graph bar.

7. Here you can adjust the volume of your transmission by dragging the button up or down.

8. Here you can see and select the channel you want to broadcast on.

9. Here you can view the link to the channel, and you can copy it.

10. Select send video if you want to enable video broadcasting option.

11. Select send audio if you want to enable the voice transmitting option fileice.

12. Select re-size output if you want to re-size the output video size.

13. Check this box to maintain the aspect ratio.

14. If re-size output option is checked you can set the size of the output video stream.

15. Check this box if you want to save the video broadcast in your computer.

16. You can select the location of the saved file clicking the browse button.

17. Here you can view the status of the video streaming weightlifting fairy Kim Bok-joo 3.

18. Here you can view the session timer.

19. Click here to start the broadcast.



C. General Settings


1. Check the box to see the mouse on the streaming area.

2. Check the box if you want the desktop area to be minimized once with the application Last Holiday movie.

3. Check the box if you want the desktop area to stay on top of the application.

4. Click the apply the settings you have made.

5. Click to cancel the settings you have made.



D. Audio Settings


1. Choose an audio device in case you have multiple devices installed in your computer.

2. Choose a mono or a stereo channel 원노트 다운로드.

3. Set the sample rate which helps you to choose how many audio signals you receive per second. The most common sample rate is 48000 – 48 kHz.

4. Set the bit rate which represents the quality of your sound – the higher the bit rate is the better sound quality you have.

5. Click the apply the settings you have made.

6. Click to cancel the settings you have made.


E iPhone Crackapp. Video settings


1. You can select one of the existing video sources connected to your computer.

2. Click on the button wheel to open the video settings of the video source that you are using, like in the following image:


3. You can select from the drop down list the format of the video your webcam supports.

4. You can manually select the input size of the video you see on the interface of the application Tun Tap OsX.

5. Choose the encoder, which is the format of your video – H.264 is a next-generation video compression format.

6. Open advanced encoder settings to manually adjust your settings, as in the picture above.

7. Set your desktop frame rate – how many video frames you want to see per second.

8. Set the bit rate – the higher the bit rate is – the better the video quality is. You need a strong internet connection if you want a high bit rate.

9. If your video input is not very clear set the deinterlace button to NO.


F. Advanced Encoding Settings



All advanced encoding settings are detailed into the Advanced video encoding settings page.