Channels settings on WordPress

Note: In order to have the channels available for WordPress display, they need to be previously published from Streaming platform dashboard area roadkill movie.

The Channels Page Configuration allows you to set parameters you want for your Streaming platform Channels to be displayed on the selected page 스파이더게임 다운로드.

Click on Channels link, under Settings chapter:

channel settings on WordPress blog


Once the page opens you can configure the Channels Page settings:

channel settings on WordPress blog

1 라인 댄스 동영상 다운로드. Click here to view the Channels Page on your web blog.

2. Click on the drop-down list to select the default page for the Channels page 겟앰프드 다운로드.

Note: Setting a default channel page is required, having an assignment of – None- will mean that none of your channels will link properly 신서유기4 1화 다운로드.

3. Insert the number of channels you want to be displayed on a row.

4. Insert the number of channel rows you want to be displayed on the Channel page Fortress 2.

5. Check Yes radio button if you want to display the channels under the channel player or the No radio button if you don’t want to display the channels under the channel player 명장의 조건 다운로드.

6. Check the radio button according to the option you prefer for showing videos under the channel player: show only videos assigned to the channel, show all videos, do not show any videos dreamcast rom.

7. Click here to update the options you have made.

Note: the plugin for Channels does not work on remote WordPress installs 언리쉬드 선정성 다운로드. It is connected directly to the application.


This is how My Channels page looks on the blog:

live streaming wordpress import channels

1 Free hymns. Click on the drop down list to select a particular channel category.

2. Here you can view the thumbnail of the channel.

3. Here you can view the name of the channel.

4. Here you can see the rating of the channel.

Note: the standard WordPress functionality is that the Channel Ratings are imported from the Streaming platform platform and they are only displayed in the web blog. You cannot rate the channel on the blog.

5. Insert here the item you want to search on the website.