Radio channel status

Logged in your account, click on Radio Channels link, under Channels chapter.



On Manage Radio Channels page, click on Check Status link for the desired channel:



You will be redirected to the Radio Status page, where you will see the details regarding the status and the tracks playing on the radio channel:


1 scorpions. Click here to open the drop-down menu to select a radio channel.

2. Here you can see the status of the radio channel: online or offline ventmp3.

3. Here you can see the name of the track playing at that moment.

4. Here you can see the name of the track that will play next 윈도우10 언어팩 수동 다운로드.

5. Here you can see the number of current radio channel listeners.

6. Here you can see the number of unique listeners movie Spy.

Note: the number of unique listeners is reported by ShoutCast server as all radio channel listeners connected from different IP addresses 야구게임 다운로드. There is always 1 unique radio channel listener reported, represented by the radio channel owner.

7. Here you can see the number of peak listeners (the highest number of listeners on, at one time) Download the back track.

8. Here you can see the name of the playlist assigned to the radio channel.

9. Click here to edit the details of the playlist 래트로폴리스 다운로드.

10. Here you can see the tracks of the playlist with details including, the name of the artist, album name, the length of the track and its genre 사주박사 6.0 다운로드.