Guide for Setting up a channel with TikiLIVE

Do you want to publish your own channel on RevMediaTV? Are you adding content on the channel weekly? Then we can promote your channel on RevMediaTV – see the steps below apache tomcat 8.0.


These are the Minimum Requirements for setting up a channel with us at RevMediaTV and its White Label Operators and Pre-load Manufacturers Download the cp2102 driver.

1. No less than 70 hours of programming to begin

2. Minimum of 720p higher quality

3 프라임 스터디 다운로드. Minimum of 20% refreshed content per month (14 hours of new episodes added per month).

4. Once the episodes are loaded in your channel, you may add and replace the episodes as you wish instagram photos. Most companies leave the timeless episodes in the channel and just add more every week.

5. [ Optionally ] you may stand up Radio feeds too with your live radio stream or MP3s Opencl.

Once we have the channels tested, we will send over to you the distribution Agreements and get you into our Catalog of network channels here: 샬롬 바이블 다운로드. Once you are in the catalog our Operators shall be pitched your channel by our sales representatives at RevMediaTV 더 킥 다운로드.


Below are the options for providing the content:

Option [1]: Upload the content on your account 오큘러스 런타임 다운로드.
Manual page with details is here:

Option [2]: You send us a Hard drive with the content YouTube for Mac.

Instructions for sending Hard drive to our Data center:

1. Ship Hard drive to address:

2 Download the celebration method. Provide tracking number

3. When the content upload is complete we will ship the Hard drive back to you

4. Provide return shipping address and contact telephone