Update Billing Info for PayPal subscription

The users who have completed a recurring transaction on RevMediaTV, will have the option to change the Billing Info into their dashboard on Billing & Usage page 움직이는 gif 다운로드.

In order to edit and update the credit card details, go to Billing & Usage, Subscriptions page:


Depending on the payment method they used, the users will be able to:

On this page we will explain how the Update Billing details page will look like when the payment was done using PayPal 모던 컴뱃 5 다운로드. See below the overlay window that will open:


As detailed on the overlay window, the PayPal account cannot be changed and if the user wants to change the PayPal email address, then he will have to cancel the current subscription and after the subscription will end he can subscribe using the new PayPal email address 도로명주소 우편번호 다운로드.

If the user wants to change the Credit Card that is attached to the PayPal account, then he can do that from the PayPal dashboard.