Compatible cameras

We are continually testing equipment as new cameras are always being introduced. If you are an equipment manufacturer and would like your gear added to the list or if you are having a good experience with a camera, please contact us so that we can add your camera to this list Headsoccer Donberg.

Listed below are just a few Cameras that have been confirmed to work, but in no way does it represent a complete list. Virtually any camera can be made to work 픽토그램 무료 다운로드.




IP cameras:

NOTE: IP cameras are integrated by request and may require custom development time to configure 알코올 다운로드. They are not supported by default for any Streaming platform clients.

Axis IP Cameras –

P13 – Recommended for SD streaming – NOT recommended for HD streaming
Q16 – Recommended for SD & HD streaming
FOSCAM FI9821W V2 – Recommended for SD & HD streaming

Important: All IP Cameras shall require the Streaming platform / Streaming platform staff setup assistance 티스토어 다운로드. 2-3 Hours of exploratory work is required per each camera that shall be added to the network. Please contact us for assistance.