Broadcast using Larix Android Broadcaster

You can now broadcast live from your Android mobile device using Larix Android Broadcaster, which is available for download in Google play store:

You can install Larix Android Broadcaster from and start broadcasting from your phone 스타 크래프트 1 다운로드.


After Larix Android Broadcaster is installed, you can configure the settings for the live streaming session:

1 Samsung Apps. Click here to flip between front and back camera of the Android device.

2. Click here to start live streaming.

3 genian 내pc지키미 다운로드. Click here to configure the streaming settings.


You will need to configure the streaming settings:


1 코코 더빙 다운로드. Click on this button if you want to stream from the back or front camera of the Android device

2. Here you can view and adjust the resolution of the stream by selecting from the available ones

3 Download the 2019 calendar. Here you can view and adjust the bitrate of the stream

4. Here you can view and adjust the fps of the stream

5 윈도우7 홈 다운로드. Here you can view and adjust the key frame interval for the stream

6. Here you can view and adjust the sample rate for the stream


Scrolling down there are more streaming settings:


1 Open Office Download. Here you can view and adjust the sample rate for the stream

2. Insert here the URL of the channel where you want to stream office 2016 kms.

Notes: The stream should be build using the [RTMP server address]/[RTMP stream name] broadcast RTMP settings can be found in Broadcast options page in user dashboard 뉴스 인트로 다운로드. Please make sure when you insert the details above, so that they are as accurate as the ones from user dashboard.


Important: Larix application was designed to support stream publishing on multiple URIs at the same time, but this functionality was not implemented yet on current version Nekomonogatari Black Download.

After all the settings are done just click on the “Broadcast” button and the stream will start playing on the channel.